A Little bit about Little Alf...

The company Little Alf has been created by Me Hannah Russell. I live in the Yorkshire Dales with my family and a healthy variety of much loved animals including Little Alf.

Little Alf is my miniature Shetland pony. Little Alf or Alf as I call him, stands at just 28 inched high. Alf came to live with me when he was just 7 months old, his previous owner had a breeder’s yard and due to Alf having dwarfism he couldn’t be used for breeding.

A couple of weeks after getting Alf I realised how much character he had, I love spending my days playing with him in the fields. In 2014 I started a blog about him and his latest antics, posting stories, videos and pictures, in just a few short months Alf gained a rather large following which was very overwhelming!

I loved writing my blog and found blog posts were getting longer and longer so decided to have a go at writing a book...

In October 2014, at 17 years old my first book was published - ‘The magical adventure of Little Alf – the discovery of the wild pony.’

Just a few years later

Little Alf now has 4 books published about him with more on the way. His own magazine which is released twice a year. An equestrian clothing range and variety of products which can all be found on our online shop.

I love working with Alf, he is my partner in crime and best friends. I couldn’t image life without him.

Hannah & Little Alf X