Charity Support

Little Alf and Hannah are helping support the Riding for Disabled Association through the work they do, Hannah is an active volunteer at her local Riding for Disabled centre and she also helps raise funds through the books she has written so far.
Quoted from a Riding for Disabled centre article -
When Hannah Russell brought her miniature Shetland pony to Bedale Group RDA he was a huge hit with our riders. Little Alf suffers from dwarfism so at 28 inches high, he is tiny, even for a miniature Shetland. Hannahs book "The Magical Adventure of Little Alf" is helping to raise funds for RDA and Hannah is now one of our group volunteers on a Thursday morning. Students from the Dales School met Alf and realised how much of a character he is. The book reflects this and five further books are planned. Next Year Little Alf will be going to the Royal Horse Show but he will always be welcome at Bedale Group RDA where we try to build riders confidence and increase mobility whilst enjoying riding. – Little Alf makes big impression at RDA
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