What Alf gets up to on Yorkshire Day…

What Alf gets up to on Yorkshire Day..!

First of all Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! Me & Alfie live in the Yorkshire Dales it's a wonderful scenic places to live and makes us proud to be Yorkshire! A couple of weeks ago we opened up our first Little Alf shop in Leyburn Market town which is just 10 minuets up the road from our home in the Dales. The Shop is open today for anyone who is having a trip out to Yorkshire to celebrate Yorkshire Day...

So the question is what does Alfie get up to on Yorkshire Day?!

Alfie got up at 7:30am this morning he loves a good lie in so I had to drag him out of his stable reluctantly this morning which he wasn't impressed about but I carefully explained that mummy had to go to work so I think he understood a little bit more!

I put Alfie in his field and sat him down with a cup of Yorkshire tea and told him it was 'Yorkshire Day' he just blinked at me and didn't look to impressed so I thought I best explain what Yorkshire Day is! I told him that Yorkshire Day is a day we make Yorkshire puddings which seemed to get his attention Alfie loves food so I knew this would get him engaged.

I then went on to explain about Yorkshire Day and told him that 'Yorkshire Day is celebrated on the 1st August to promote the historic English country of Yorkshire' I told him it's great to help promote tourism and being proud of where we live. I then went on to explain that since all our books are based in the Yorkshire Dales it's great to join in with the celebrations even more which he seemed very excited about although I wasn't to sure he understood until he went over to his closet and got out his flat cap.

Today Alfie will be spending his day roaming the countryside and been thankful for the glorious place he lives in.

If you have any questions about what Alf is up to today just tweet to us @AlfLittle

Happy Yorkshire Day Everyone 🙂 x



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