09 October 2017


What just happened....?!


What just happened...

Yes I know it's hard to believe I actually don't know what happened this past few days it's been quite crazy, I launched the book on Thursday 5th october 2017 at HOYS - Horse of the year show which was amazing the response we got was just fantastic it was so so lovely to meet so many little Alf fans and new ones it was lovely and since then we have had so many people tweet in reviews or images of the books and Little Alf Buddy it's been so overwhelming...

But lets get back to the best seller part... so on Thursday morning (Thursday 5th) I was laid in bed at my Hotel awake at 6:00am thinking about the book launch I was quite the bubble of nerves and excitment hence been awake at 6, I wanted to distract myself so turned my phone on and clicked over to social media when I suddenly say a picture of my book on twitter and next to the book was a little orange glow - the glow of joy some people call it, I rubbed my eyes and zoomed in to read 'Best Seller' and suddenly slammed my phone on the bed I actually thought I was dreaming so turned my phone back off and on and quite literally pinched myself and saw the image again which flashed 'Best seller' at this point I didn't know if I should laugh or cry so I just sat there and stared at my screen for a while before texting my dad who was on 'Alf Duty' back here in yorkshire!

Mum was with me in the hotel room but still asleep so I just sat there and waited until she eventually woke up which seemed to take forever and then I shouted the news to her and she didn't believe me until I showed her the image - I actually think I startled poor mum a little bit as I literally shouted at her 'MUM OMG BEST SELLER ON AMAZON' and started jumping on her bed with my untamed curly hair - enough to give anyone nightmares for a little while.. anyway It might never happen again so I felt it was okay just once to be jumping around like a ninja in my pjs.

I'm not really sure what been a 'best seller' means but it sounds good so I am happy with that and when I told Alfie he was very pleased!!!

If you would like to ORDER Little Alf's memoir via amazon type in 'Little Alf' and the book should come up staight away & remember if you do read the book leave a review we love to know your thoughts....





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