Back in Yorkshire!

Back in Yorkshire!


10 October 2017


It's good to be home...

Back it Yorkshire!!!

It's good to be Home...

I am back and I am reuinted with Alfie! I nearly cried when I saw him, been in Birmingham over the past week has been amazing it has been great to meet so many lovely people and talk about Alfie but I have missed him so so so much it's quite hard to explain, Alfie is my best friend, business partner and cuddle monster afterall... 

I couldn't wait to get back home on Sunday night and when I did at 2:00am in the morning I crept down to the stables to see Alfie and gently flicked the light on, Alfie was actually laid down asleep with his eyes shut so I had to turn the light off and creep back in to the house but on Monday morning at 7:00am my alarmed went off and I jumped out of bed and ran down to the stables to see my little bundle who was whinning as I lept down the drive way he always seems to recognise the sound of my feet on the gravel so he started kicking the door and it was just so amazing to see him - I think when your away you don't realise how much you miss someone until you finally see them again and I basically just wanted to cuddle Alfie all day yesterday and today but I could only spend the morning with him as I has an interview with BBC Radio York yesterday which was really nice I just love talking about Alfie!

Yesterday when I got back home and shouted Alfie from the field he came running up to me with a spring in his step (I posted the video on twitter) which is always a lovely feeling he was so happy to see me and I was just as happy to see him!

Today I am back in my Little Shop in Leyburn market town sorting out products after been at HOYS - Horse of the year show we have sold out of a lot of things so it's a day of re ordering and it's lovely to be back 'Home' and surrounded by the hills!

Every time I go away and come back it really makes me appreciate where I live! 

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