My Experience at HOYS 2017

My Experience at HOYS 2017


12 October 2017


Horse of the year show 2017


Horse of the year show 2017

This time last week I was launching Little Alf's memoir at HOYS - Horse of the year show 2017, and time just seems to have flown by - time flies when you having fun right!

Tonight is my second book launch at The Garden Rooms Tennants which is just up the road from where me and Alfie are based and I can't wait - I actually feel quite nervous and I don't know why! I think it's because I know a lot of people attending tonight and after all it is my Home...

But let me get back to what this blog post is actually about! My experience at HOYS! I think I have one word to sum it up and that is 'Fantastic' it was such an enjoyable experience and what an atmosphere I suppose if you love horses than how can you not enjoy book signing at a horsey event?

The event has over 250 exhibitors all selling horse items and I was in my element when I had a break I headed off to get Alfie some Christmas presents... I purchased a red diamante headcoallar and matching leadrope for Alfie which he looks very sweet in but I am going to keep it for his christmas headcollar I suppose it's like us wearing christmas jumpers! Alfie will have a christmas headcollar!

I also got Alfie and rest of my four horses some horse treats - 6 packs in fact which are all different flavours I even got them a banana flavoured packed but there not to keen on them ones....

At the event I also got some fluffy socks as my feet where cold and a new rucksack from the house of tweed which I have yet to show Alfie - I don't think he will be to keen as it is Pink... hehe...

If your thinking of going to HOYS next year I can strongly recommend going and hopefully you will see us at the event once again....