A change in cover...

A change in cover...


07 September 2017


Re designing the Little Alf book covers

A change in cover...

Re - designing the Little Alf book covers

Today online I have launched and released the new Little Alf book covers which I have been really excited about revealing...

so why change the cover?

Good questions I loved my old book covers which where quite bright colours and had large images of Alfie on as they where the covers I first designed when I was just 17 years old so I wasn't really stuck on the idea initally of changing them but I knew it was the right thing to do for my stories.

I love reading and often pick up books by the look of there book cover, book covers can tell a thousand stories in just once glance and my old covers where doing this and sometimes where mistaken for information books on Alfie or 'true' stories and this isn't the case the little Alf childrens books are aimed at 6-12 year old and tell the story of Little Alf on a very magical adventure...

The new book covers match my current illustrated book cover 'Little Alf the magic helper' and I am so pleased with how they look together it just seems to flow the theme of the books and looks very eye catching, I have been working with the fantastic Helen Braid who I will be introducing to my news page soon...

Here is the new book covers from old to new...

I hope you like the new Little Alf book covers as much as I do! To find out more about the Little Alf books head to the infomation page here by clicking the text - Little Alf Books 

To purchase the books head to the shop - Little Alf shop 

In the next few days I will be releasing another news article all about illustrations & what it takes to be an illustrator!

If you have any questions about the Little Alf books just tweet to us @AlfLittle or drop us a message and we will get back to you asap.





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