Little Alf Christmas Hampers

Little Alf Christmas Hampers


12 September 2017


Little Alf Christmas Hampers...

Now taking orders.!

Can you believe that today we have been making christmas hampers in the Little Alf office?! No we can't either.. but you have to start some time right?

Yesterday the Little Alf christmas stock arrived to the offices and me and Alfie where super excited we both love christmas, it's a very special time of the year for us both as Alfie came to live with me in December 2012 he was the perfect christmas gift (although that wasn't the intention!)

Yesterday on the Radio they annouced that it was only 105 days until Christmas and 15 weeks away (scary) not only that but 'Home alone' was on TV last night which certainly got me in the christmas mood, I think Alfie has started to think Christmas too as I saw he had begun writing his very long list of presents to santa...

The Little Alf christmas Hampers are avaiable in the Little Alf shop in Leyburn Market Town or available to order online, you can make them up with whatever you like you just have to get in touch, we also add in a special christmas card from us and all the books signed.

Coming to the website soon... On the website we will be adding the Little Alf 'basic' christmas Hamper which will included a Little Alf Buddy and also 'Little Alf the magic helper' book so these will be avaiable to purchase very very soon!

If you have any questions just get in touch via the 'contact' page or tweet to us @AlfLittle