Brrr it’s cold outside...

Brrr it’s cold outside...


07 November 2017


Can you believe it's November...

BRRR It's cold outside... 

Can you believe it's November?

Is it just me or does the weather seem to have dropped this week? I woke up yesterday morning looked outside and saw a slight frost on the ground and when I went outside I was frozen I soon ran back in to grab an extra coat and pair of gloves! When I went to see Alfie he was all snug in his stable and looked quite happy with himself although he didn't want to get out of bed and I couldn't blame him the cold weather and dark nights make me want to stay in bed too! 

I actually can't believe that it is already November this year really has flown by and it won't be long until christmas (just 48 days) not long to go! We have new Christmas stock arriving today and Friday which I am so exicted about, every time I have new stock arriving I get so excited and loved taking photo's for my webiste! Later today we have some new Little Alf Mugs arriving and I can't wait to take some photo's of them filled up with hot chocolate and marshmellows next to the fire. As well as the new mugs arriving the new Little Alf clothing will arrive in the offices soon and I can't wait!

With the tempratures dropping this week it's very important to be aware of a few things with our four legged friends...

1. Water.- Water can freeze at night when the tempratures drop so it's really important to check your horses waters bowls in the morning as they may be iced over. A top tip I learnt when I use to go to pony club was to put an apple in your horses water this helps to stop the water from freezing and in a morning allows you to de freeze there water bowls easily!

2. Ventilation - If your horse is kept indoor through the winter months cut down on stable dust by using good quality hay and dust free bedding! Ensure stables are kept well ventilated and horses are turned out in to the paddocks when you can as this reduces the chance of stable coughs and colic and also boredom.

3. Hair trimming! I have 1 gypsy cob and 1 cob cross and they are very hairy, through winter they get long tails so before the winter day's set in I always cut there tails quite short as this stops them getting muddy & helps keep them clean.

4. Healthy happy horses - Everyone has there own methods through winter and keeping your horses in tip top shape. Through the winter months I always pour good quality oil on my horses feed as this keps keep a good quality coat through the winter months.

5. Rugs! Don't forget that some horses need rugs through the winter months to keep them warm. Alfie is a mini shetland and has a very fluffy coat, shetlands are known to be hardy so he doesn't usually wear a rug through winter. Where as Badger my 28 year old cob needs a rug to keep him warm on the cold nights!

If you have any horse tips for us to share just get in touch today and share your horsey tips with other equestrians! or tweet to us @AlfLittle X