3 Years on...

3 Years on...


14 November 2017


3 years 1 dream...

3 years on...

3 years 1 dream...

Last night on twitter I posted a photo of me and Alfie 3 years ago when our first book was published I was 17 and Alfie was 2 years old! Next to it I posted a photo of us this year with the new memoir me now 20 and Alfie now 5 years old and there you can really see how much we have both grown up in the past few years which is a little bit crazy, I can't believe how much has changed in such a short period of time.

I remember the first photo been taken of us when I was 17 with the local press I was so excited and a bubble of nervs and I'm pretty sure I couldn't sleep the night before, now press interview are pretty much a breeze, I love talking about Alfie so it's quite easy to answer journalists questions.

Lots of people ask me at book signings how I've got to where I am today and the honest answer is hard work, it's not been easy trying to create something in an unknown area, I'll often admit I don't understand the publishing world but my new memoir has really helped me learn over the past year not only about the publishing world but about business to! I often get called an entrepreneur but really I just see myself as someone creating there dream, I didn't do the 'normal' route of college and university but it's not for everyone. I'm a huge believer in 'Do what makes you happy' as I think it's really important. 

I also think it's important to have Dreams and goals even if they are huge. I had a dream to one day have a publisher 3 years ago and now I'm with one of the best compnaies in the world! I had a dream to open up a shop one day and this summer July 2017 I open up the first Little Alf shop in Leyburn market town! It might only be small but it's a start! I have a couple more dreams which are pretty 'huge' with my business but I actually believe that I might get there one day in the next 10-15 years....

Who knows where me and Alfie will be in the next 3 years but I'm excited to see what happens and can't wait to find out. The past 3 years has had it's ups and downs but it's been the best 3 years of my life with the partner in crime (Alf) by my side!

If you have goals or dreams then go for them and don't let anyone tell you that you 'can't' do them as you CAN! 



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