Little Alf’s tips to keep warm this winter!

Little Alf’s tips to keep warm this winter!


28 November 2017


Little Alf has his pink earmuffs on and it's time to get wrapped up warm..

Little Alf's tips to keep warm this winter...

This morning I walked outside and the cool winter breeze hit my face.. it's nearly December and the temprature seems to have dropped even cooler in the last couple of weeks and we are layering up to stay warm. This time of the year I hate going out on a night I'd much rather be inside next to the warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate!

When I got to Alf's stable this morning and gave him a morning cuddle his was nudging my bright pink ear muffs as if to say 'oi give me them' so I did and he seemed much happier once his little ears where covered up. I must admit he looked a little bit silly but he didn't seem to mind too much... Alfie's ears are only 3cm and covered in fluff and lots of hair so I can't imagine them ever really getting cold...

Since the weather has dropped cooler this past week me and Alfie have been putting a list together of winter tips, there is lots to think about with your horses in winter and lots of ways to prevent them getting cold. 

1. One of the most things I always remebered to do in winter is check that the horses water hasn't frozen up, horses need aound 5-10 gallons of fresh water a day so it's essential you double check their water in a morning. A good tip I once learnt is to put an apple in your horses bucket then when it freeze's over night it's a lot easier to break the ice away!

2. Talking of ice and freezing it's important to check the ground especially if your horse is stabled, sometimes in winter outside Alf's stable can get very slippy! Depending on the weather I will eather pour luke warm water over the floor to de frost the ice or leave Alfie in his stable until the ice has defrosted - It really depends on the risk and circumstances but it's just an important note to remember.

3. Check under your horses rug - Alfie doesn't usually wear a rug through winter due to him being a hardy breed and having a fluffy warm coat he doesn't need one but my oldest pony Badger wears a thick blanket due to his coat being thin and also he is 29 years old so he needs a little bit of TLC. If your horse is rugged it's important to check underneath on a daily basis to make sure his rug isn't irritating their skin or causing any other problems.

4.Minerals - It's so important your horse gets all it's minerals and sometimes once the grass dies of in winter it can be hard for your horse to get everything it needs. My horses have access to mineral licks throughout winter to give them an extra booste.


There is just a few top tips from me and Alfie! There is loads of information on the internet about tips and how others deal with there horses through the winter days... It can sometimes be hard through winter but all you have to think about is spring just around the corner!

If you have any questions for me or Alf just send us a message or tweet to us @AlfLittle X