Around the yard

Around the yard


10 February 2018


Tips and tricks for your four legged friends!

Around the yard – Tips and tricks...

Happy Saturday Everyone! I just love the weekend as it means I can spend time with not only Alf but all my pets, I especially love Sundays as I usually spend them at home messing around all day with the animals! I’m known to being quite the ‘Yorkshire tea’ drinker and there is nothing better than sitting with the animals with a good cuppa t in my hand and my old fleece on.

Alfie has always had a love hate relationship with wheelbarrows, I have no idea why! Sometimes he loves them, sometimes he tried to knock them over and sometimes he’s scared of them. He’s not partially keen on my bright pink wheelbarrow but I can’t exactly blame him it’s not everyone’s taste.

I usually let Alfie wander around the yard when I muck the horses out, he’s known to be a bit of a free-range pony due to his small size he’s easy to ‘watch’ and I’m happy for him to enjoy himself and explore. on Friday I found him in dad’s garden patch munching on his winter shrugs so I’m going to have to watch him a little bit more carefully in future.

Personally, I quite enjoy mucking the horses out which is a little odd I know but I just love being outdoors and ‘jobbing on’ as my family calls it. I also think mucking out and spending time with the horses is quite good therapy it’s peaceful and relaxing. I usually make sure I have my phone in the tack room, so it doesn’t interrupt me when I’m spending time at home.

Sometimes during the week, I don’t have as much time to spend with the animals or horses as like everyone I too have work to do! So, I thought I would put together some tips for around the yard which I have found quite useful over the winter months.

  1. Baby oil! – Here is an old trick I learnt back when I was 12 years old, I was once told when the fields are mucky to put baby oil on your horse’s tail to keep the mud and dust sticking to your horses and I’ve found it works a treat! I have 2 cobs, one is a gypsy cob called paddy, he’s black and white and he loves the mud! His tail is long and looks lovely in summer, I was once tempted to cut it shorter in winter to make it more manageable but after using baby oil I’ve found it a lot easier! – Plus it gives there tail a lovely shine!
  2. Make up hay nets in advance – I haven’t done this for a couple of weeks, but when I went to HOYS – Horse of the year show last October and my dad was in charge of looking after the horses I purchased 5 hay nets and made them all up for him before I left which was a lot less time consuming for him and a lot cleaner – You didn’t get covered in hay! Think about purchasing some extra hay nets and filling them up before the working week. I love the ‘Shires Greedy feeder’ Haynets as the holes are a lot smaller than the average one and it takes ages for your horses to get through which keeps them occupied!
  3. Rubber matting for less bedding! Consider rubber matting for your stables, this is an investment but beneficial long term. When you have rubber matting in the stables it means you use less bedding, which means less time in a morning getting rid of all the dirty bedding!
  4. Sweeping brush – I’ve noticed in the last few months that not every equestrian has a sweeping brush in their equipment I think they are an essential item! I find them great to sweep any loose bedding back to the corner of your horse’s bed!

If you have any tips for the yard do share them with us and we can share them with other equestrians! We hope our tips have helped you and if you have any questions just send us a message!

Me and Little Alf did a winter tips video here fon our youtube video so just click the link to view -

Plus we also fimled our morning routine which you can view at the following link -

Hannah & Little Alf x