Happy Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day!


13 February 2018


What do you have on your pancakes?

Happy Pancake day everyone and welcome back to mine and Little Alf’s blog!

This morning Alf has been inside the house making pancakes with me which was great fun although we make quite a lot of mess… (sorry mum, sorry dad!)

I brought Alfie in the house after he’d eaten his breakfast, he’s been inside before on an empty stomach and he kept trying to pinch the carrots from the fridge!

 It’s a very snowy day here in Yorkshire today so I think Alfie loved being inside near the warm fire as he was calm and happy, usually he’s always creating mischief but this morning he was quite happy to stay inside and watch me make pancakes – he kept attempting to help but ended up knocking over the golden syrup, so his nose was so sticky! But he did enjoy trying to lick the sugary sweet stuff of himself which was funny to watch.

Me and Alfie had our own chef hats, so we felt the part this morning as we tried to flip them! I’ve made gluten free pancakes this morning as I’m coeliac and have topped them off with syrup, personally I prefer quite plain pancakes! Alfie had apples on his as I told him he wasn’t allowed sugar which he wasn’t to impress with.

What do you have on your pancakes? We would love to see your images,

Send them in via social media or via the contact us page!

Hannah & Little Alf x