wintry weather with Little Alf

wintry weather with Little Alf


02 March 2018


Dealing with the extreme cold!

Wintry weather with Little Alf - Dealing with the extreme cold

Wow what a week, with the ‘beast from the east’ and ‘storm Emma’ hitting the UK this week it’s been quite a shock, I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the weather. I know I and Alfie certainly weren’t and even though we saw a few weather warnings on Monday morning it was hard to believe, with all the lovely sunshine we had last week it was a taste of spring…

This week is a different story and when I woke up on Tuesday morning I didn’t expect to see so much snow! I had to dig the horses out of there stables as it had snowed them in overnight. When I opened Alfie’s stable door he was pretty shocked to see all the snow. Even the horses water was frozen solid so I knew it had been extra cold at night. With the weather taking a slight turn this week it’s really made me appreciate having stables to keep the horses in although it has come along with its struggles, the outdoor taps freezing and running out of hay earlier in the week has proved it to be a bit of a challenging one and today the ground is frozen making it extremely icy so it’s another day inside for the horses. Never the less they don’t seem to mind too much and hopefully it won’t be long until the snow has melted and we can look forward to summer nights.

Watching the news this week it’s been hard to listen to animals living outdoors in these conditions and hear in Yorkshire lambs have started to be born as it’s the start of lambing season, I have a few friends with farms and they’ve been keeping me updates with their struggles this week. Luckily most of them seem to be managing fine with extra help.

My rabbits and guinea pigs have also felt the cold this week as they live in a large outdoor shed with their own runs, it’s a lovely place for them to live and has heating inside but on Wednesday morning they were all huddled together and their water bottles had frozen so it was extra straw for them to keep them warm and a couple of towels to cover up the windows stopping any cold which might get in.

If you have pets living indoor or out in the extreme cold than just remember to keep them warm! Check if there water is frozen and make sure they have plenty of feed. Luckily Alfie has a thick coat to keep him warm and he’s a hardy breed. Yesterday he even went out in to the field to play for a couple of hours and he seemed to enjoy the snow.

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