Working on new books & my writing tips!

Working on new books & my writing tips!


05 March 2018


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Working on new books & my writing tips...

The snow is finally starting to vanish with the rain sweeping in! I do love snow but over the past few months I feel we’ve had quite a lot of the white stuff on the ground and when I looked out of my office window at midday I was very happy to see the rolling green hills starting to return. Alfie has been out in his field today and I’ve just been to collect him. With the snow melting my fields have now turned to a brown mushy colour so I will let you use your imagination on how dirty Alfie currently is! Soon as the mud has dried I’ll be hitting the tack room to try get him looking a little bit more ‘groomed,’

Today has been a writing day for me. I open have these spontaneous writing days on the oddest days. I find it a lot easier to write when the weather is miserable for some reason, I think it’s because when the weather is lovely and sunny all I want to do is sit in the fields with the horses or play with one of my animals.

At the moment I’m working on a new book which I can’t wait to share with you, it’s the next little Alf adventure book in the series which will be book number 5 for the adventure books! Once it’s released I will have a total of 6 books published based on Little Alf so I’m quite excited about that. This book has probably been the hardest but best book to write so far, that probably sounds a little weird - it sounded strange in my head anyway. I’m really enjoying writing the book it’s a very complex story line with lots of magic and I don’t think any of Little Alf’s reader would expect what is coming to the next story… Even I didn’t expect it until I started writing. The cover has just been designed and I’m in love with it, I’ll be sharing it with you in a couple of months so for now just sit tight until the big release. I hope you love it as much as me. This book has probably being the hardest to write as I find I’m quite limited to time, with Alfie’s popularity growing and new things on the way we’ve got lots to do but it’s always good to be busy and I’ve started setting ‘writing days’ aside where I make sure nobody can disturbed me unless they bring me a cup of Yorkshire tea than anyone is welcome to interrupt!

With World book day still be talked about from last week I was asked what my writing tips are for young budding writers and thought I would share with you. Before I do write them down I have to say that what works for one writer doesn’t work for another, we all have different imaginations so my writing tips may or may not be for you. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ‘write’ get a pen and paper and write about whatever comes in to your head. I often do this on nights when I’m thinking and I come up with the most bizarre stories but it great to get my creative head on. Anyway before I ramble on forever here is some writing tips I have found useful over the past few years…

  1. Read, read, and read - reading is great to get your mind flowing with all things creative. It’s brilliant to understand other authors writing styles and is also great for learning. If you’re not sure what to read than find a book about something you like and go from there. Or even pick a book at random and see what you think to it! You can probably imagine I love books and I’m still in to paper backs as appose to kindle or tablet books, I often wander in to charity shops and pick out a large collection of books for the month to read. It’s amazing what hidden books I have found over the years.
  2. Believe – If you follow Alfie’s blog a lot or my personal blog you see this word a lot. Believe in yourself and your writing. It’s a huge thing putting your book out there in the world, something you’ve spent so much time on perfecting, it can be quite soul destroying in fact when you get criticised but believe in yourself, believe in your book and it will be a success. I know it’s not as simple as that but people will believe in you if you believe in yourself.
  3. Have fun – Probably the most important point have fun when you write, don’t write about something you’re not interested in and when you grab a pen and paper don’t see it as a chore as what’s the fun it that. You want your novel to be fun, creative and simply fanatic so enjoy yourself and find your perfect writing spot. I actually really enjoy writing in coffee shops and on trains even though there really busy hectic places at times I seem to find my own perfect bubble and write.
  4. Don’t be too harsh on yourself - Everybody gets bad reviews, criticism or hear things they don’t want to. It’s a learning curve, sometimes people are right but don’t take their opinion to heart, they might just be trying to help.
  5. Note books – Keep a note book on you at all time you never know when you’re going to get a spur of the moment idea!

They we have it my little bit of writing advice or tips if you like. Over the years I’ve pretty much thrown the rule book out there is no rule book when it comes to writing. I was once told to set a writing schedule and when I tried it I knew it wasn’t going to work for me, some days I want to write others I don’t it’s as simple as that!

If you have any questions about writing or my books just get in touch via the contact page or connect with me & Alf over social media.

Bye for now & Have fun writing

Hannah & Alf xox

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