New product alert!

New product alert!


10 April 2018

Little Alf

Coming soon...

New product alert - Coming soon...

Happy Tuesday everyone! The rain outside today in the Yorkshire Dales is pretty grim and Little Alf is tucked up in his stable for the day. I was very tempted to bring him indoors today but my parents are in and around home so I thought it might be best to leave him inside his own home... If they pop out later I might bring him in next to the fire and put on a good film.

Yesterday a huge box arrived in the office and it was packed full with some new sample products! A while ago we posted about the new stationery we have released and launched which has been a great success and it's been lovely to see many young budding writers making notes in the new Little Alf notebooks.

This week we recieved our first tin pencil cases and me and Alf are totally in love with them, this is just the first pencil case to a range of many more but we thought we would share a sample with you...

The Little Alf pencil cases will be available to purchase soon and in store - we will keep you posted via the website and social media!

Hannah & Little Alf X