Bank Holiday weekend!

Bank Holiday weekend!


08 May 2018


Bank Holiday weekend with Little Alf...

Bank holiday weekend!

Happy Tuesday everyone, I think some of us will be feeling pretty down today as it's back to work for most of us and by 9:00am this morning the phrase was trending on twitter #Backtowork, Little Alf was asleep this morning enjoying the sunshine as I said goodbye to him and packed up my laptop ready for a day in the shop and finishing the next little Alf book...

This weekend has been fantastic and me and Little Alf have been enjoying the sunshine alongside the rest of the horses, when the sunshines it always makes my animals very dosy and sleepy and well Alf seems to have spent his whole weekend sleeping and sunbathing but I can't blame him after the snowy cold winter we've had this year in the Yorkshire Dales all I want to do is  join in - lay on the grass and enjoy the sunshine!

This weekend I had lots of fun with the horses and have been learning Alfie some new tricks which I can't wait to share soon! We've also been enjoying the sunshine as much as possible and I took the opportunity to groom all the horses and tidy up the paddocks! Tonight when I finish work I am going to be bathing Alfie and Pepper ready for the summer months.

Every year they get bathed to make sure they look and smell great! - I'll keep you posted with lots of images online.

Don't forget when the weather is hot it's important to make sure your four legged friends have plently of fresh water -my horses have been drinking lots more than usual with the sun shining. 

Hannah & Little Alf X