Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek


15 May 2018

Little Alf

A photoshoot with sue Barratt...

Sneak Peek...

Last week me and Little Alf had the most exciting day with Creative Equestrian Photographer Sue Barratt whose based in North Yorkshire. Me and Sue where linked together around a month ago by our website designers who thought we had a lot in common and could certainly link up - They were right!

After a successful meeting a few weeks ago me and Sue decided to work on a top secret project together... Which I can't wait to reveal in June! - I'm bursting with excitment to reveal what we have been up to but for now I have to keep my lips seeled. 

Sue is also based in Yorkshire and came along to with her camera last week one sunny evening to take some images of me and Alfie and the results are amazing I've never see us look so good in a photo - I was welling up with tears when I saw them all last night!

Sue is really easy to work with - Fun and friendly she made me feel at ease throughout the photoshoot. I've never had heaps of confidence but I felt in my comfort zone working with Sue and Alfie loved her to!

In June we will be revealing what we have been up to and I can't wait to hear your thoughts...

Hannah & Little Alf X 

To find out more about sue & her work head to her website -​


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