Waterstones book signing

Waterstones book signing


26 June 2018


Wakefield Waterstones

Hello everyone and welcome back to mine and Little Alf's news page,

How amazing is this sunny weather?! Me and Alfie have been enjoying the sunshine as much as possible, this morning when I went down the field at 7:00am Alfie was sunbathing and enjoying the warmth on his back which was really lovely to see. At the moment Alfie is living outside on the night as his stable is far to warm for him to be in over night but he doesn't seem to mind to much. 

At the weekend I went along to the waterstones store in Wakefield to sign some copies of Little Alf's memoir which was a huge success it was so lovely to meet so many people. I always love going to book signing events as it gives me the opportunity to meet Little Alf's fans and I never knew we had such a loyal fan base in Wakefield!

It's always such a joy when people turn up and ask all about him - Unfortunatley Little Alf couldn't come along to the store in wakefield mainly because he would cause far to much chaos... I could just imagine him nibbling on the books...

A massive thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday it was such a pleasure to meet you all and a special shoutout to the Little Alf super fan who even brough along her hoodie to be signed.

Today I'm in the office finishing the next Little Alf adventure book, I've very excited to be launching it this August at Berry's farm shop North Yorkshire and great news Little Alf will be with me as well - there is still time to book your place on the day just get in touch via the news page.

Don't forget in this lovely sunny weather to keep your pets water bowls full of fresh water and don't forget to apply plently of suncream! Plus if your wondering of ways to cool your ponies down me and Little Alf made horse lollies last summer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxc6-NzIgB8 

Bye for now & a massive thank you to everyone who visited on Saturday! 

Hannah & Alf xx