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03 July 2018


The mystery map... Book 4...

Good Morning Everyone & Welcome back to Little Alf's news page!

How amazing has this sunny weather been recently, me and Alfie have been enjoying the sunshine at our home in the Yorkshire Dales, Alfie loves to sunbath and he especially loves his tummy being tickled when he's enjoying the sun. 

I've had a busy few weeks in the office finishing the next manuscript to the next Little Alf book! I revealed the cover on social media a few days ago. 'The Magical adventure of Little Alf - The Mystery Map' is the next book to be released in the Little Alf adventure series. This is the 4th book to the adventure books and I can't wait to see what readers think, I've really loved writing this one as it see's the adventures and magic take a slight twist of unexpected magic... 

It's taken me over 9 months to write this one which is slightly longer than usual but due to Little Alf's following currently expanding and our new roles as ambassadors for charitys as well as running the shop we've not had as much time on our hands to sit down and write, so it was a relief last week when I sent the manuscript along to the proof reader.

I absolutley love writing and could spend every day writing in my office but as much as I would love to do that I have lots of other things to do as well! 

The next Little Alf book is going to be launched and released on Saturday 11th August 2018, the book is offically being launched at Berry's farm shop, North Yorkshire at 11:00am with me and Little Alf - Booking is essential if your thinking of coming along.

The Mystery map book cover was yet again illustrated by the talented Helen Braid from Ellie Illustrated, Helen has always designed my book covers and this one has been extra special I love the sense of magic and adventure of the cover.

I'm very excited to launch the book with Alfie next month and can't wait to see what people think...

If you have any questions for me or Alfie just pop us a message!

Bye for now & enjoy the sunshine,

Han & Alf X 

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