Winter is on it’s way...

Winter is on it’s way...


03 September 2018


Cooler days with Little Alf

It's Beanie season - Haha no only joking it's not quite time to get out my collection of beanies yet but today has certainly been slightly cooler here in the Yorkshire Dales! Me and Alfie have had the best summer of sunshine and fun.

It's a shame it's gone so quick and it's now September - a lot of you will have gone back to school today or maybe even started school for the first time which is all very exciting, I finished school nearly 5 years ago which is very scary - time flies when your having fun!

Unfortunatley I've spent the past two days with a cold so I've been hibernating in the house and haven't been able to spend much time with the animals - I'm always aware of making sure they don't catch anything when one of us is feeling under the weather! But I know me and Alfie will spend loads of time together when I'm feeling better.

Today it was raining outside and I could hear Alfie shouting from his paddock, he really does hate the rain so Mum had to go rescue him while I watched from the window as he trotted in to his stable. Later in the afternoon I went to see him and he didn't look very impressed with me for putting him outside in the first place... Luckily he soon forgave me after I gave him a carrot or two from the fridge... (shh don't tell my mum!)

In other exciting news me and Alfie are working on a really exciting book project at the moment which will be released around November time - I can't wait. I can't reveal to much at the moment but it won't be long until I will be posting highlights on my news feeds.

Also I've decided to begin my YouTube channel again... I love making videos with Alfie but always find the editing process hard I don't really like watching myself back but after many requests to post more videos we will be doing so!

That's all from us for now! Keep a look out on our YouTube Channel for a new video coming this week...

Hannah & Alf xx