Understanding Horses

Understanding Horses


20 September 2018


What I've learnt through Little Alf

'Hi Alf' I shout across the field, lifting his head he looks up, whinnies loudly and begins his fast trot over, Alfie has never been able to canter due to his dwarfism so watching him trot over always makes me smile.

Every morning when I walk down the fields I'm always greeted by the ponies. Paddy my Gypsy cob usually bucks then begins galloping to the side of the fence, he quite often gets over excited so I have to move out of the way as he doesn't seem to realise how big he is or where his front end begins... 

I wanted to write this blog post about horses as I often fear they are misunderstood, having Alfie has taught me so much about horses and animals in general. When I was 16 years old I was advised not to continue horse riding due to fracturing my Vertebrates in my back and also cracking the two discs in my lower back, every time I was riding it was causing me a lot of pain. Lots of people ask me how I feel about not riding and what it's like to be told you can't ride because you'll run a risk of causing further damage to yourself - on nice summer days I always have an urge to grab the saddle from the tack room I think that will always be there but been able to run about with my mini shetlands in the arena makes me the happiest person ever, the fact that they want to be with me willingly is amazing.

Since I've stopped riding and started spending more time on the ground with my horses I've learnt so much about them, how gentle they are, how much love they have to give and in many situations how misunderstood they are. Horses change lives, Alfie's taught me that. He's given me confidence, self esteem and peace when I needed it most. Horses heal hearts & I couldn't imagine a day without them.

Read our true story here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Alf-story-pint-sized-forever/dp/0751568910