Little Alf’s memoir launches in Germany

Little Alf’s memoir launches in Germany


30 October 2018


kleiner Alf

Little Alf's memoir launches in Germany 

Hello Everyone and welcome back to our news page...

It's been so exciting over here in the Yorkshire Dales as last Friday Little Alf's memoir launched in Germany! it's been great to see the repsone online so far and we've had lots of lovely comments about the book over social media.

Yesterday I received the first copy in German and it was strange to see the book in another language but exciting also - I'm looking forward to seeing the reviews come in and seeing what Germany thinks of the book! Hopefully they love it as much as the UK!

Talking about Books me and Little Alf are working on a super exciting project at the moment which we will be sharing next month... so keep your eyes peeled!

Hannah & Alf X 



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