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New products


17 November 2018

Little Alf

Festive at Little Alf HQ

It's back to that time of the year again where we are really busy with christmas order online, over the phone, in the Little Alf shop and also with our stockists! It's actually the busiest time of the year for me and Little Alf so it's all hands deck or should I say 'Hoofs' on deck - a phrase often used to describe you need everyone to help as much as they can. I have been trying to get all my animals to help parcel up orders but their all more intrested in eating hay, carrots and feed - I can't really blame them...

Talking of Christmas we have lots of new products in stock, it's always difficult to know what is going to sell and be the most popular product with this year everything seems to be getting a great response so far!

Online we have added 2 new mugs which have red handles and the Little Alf buddy design on, these are perfect for Little Alf fans and great to hold your hot chocolate on a cool wintery day.

Money boxes have also been added which are perfect for saving pennies for your next adventure.

Christmas hoodies are back online again this year, they proved to be very popular last year - if you can't find what size your looking for don't hesitate to email or call as we can order in the exact size you need - delivery will just take an extra few days, but we will do our best to help!

The Little Alf Book hampers have also been a hit in the Little Alf shop, they contain all 5 of the Children's books, Little Alf's memoir, the Little Alf buddy & a book mark! The Hampers arrive beautifully packaged ready for christmas...

The Little Alf shop is open 4 days a week in Leyburn market town - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm. If you have any questions just call - 01969 622546 or email -

All products can also be purchased via Little Alf's online shop. 



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